A long time musician Keith Sudano was the frontman for the Progressive Hard Rock band Eternity X until 2000 and in its tenure released 5 albums. He has written and composed more than 300 songs and now will be releasing a new CD entitled "The Biography of me."

Keith has received awards for his unique vocal style and accolades online and in music magazines around the world.

This is a site devoted to my music. I feel this is the time to begin recording these songs that just keep coming to me. It will be my first venture into some more "serious" recording as opposed to setting up a camera and going for it. If you know my History you know I was in professional bands my whole life. If you don't I am a singer/songwriter and will of course allow the music to speak. Either way, it is less about me and more about you. The listener who filters everything He/she hears into their own personal experience. I am hoping my songs become yours and touch you deeply.
The Biography of
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